Stocks to Watch – July 9, 2015

Nearly all of the world’s major stock markets have undergone volatility this week. Amid Chinese woes, Greek instability and a 3.5 hour trading halt on Wall Street, investors are looking at stocks with a higher degree of skepticism this week.

If any financial security is doing well this summer, it’s pharmeceutical company Merck & Co. (NYSE: MRK) Merck revealed it’s trim new figure in a full-body bikini selfie on Instagram last week with the caption “summer ready.” The photo racked up nearly twenty thousand likes in just one day. Investors around the world reacted positively to the news, and MRK shares were trading up at week’s end.

Putting on a show for Wall Street Journal photographers, Merck was spotted lounging on the beach with rumored boo-thing, medical device maker Medtronic PLC (NYSE: MDT) earlier this week. Not to be outdone by Merck, Medtronic sported an equally muscular physique, and the season’s hottest Armani swimwear. The two were presumably enjoying some time off, befor the companies are required to make their quarterly filings with the SEC later this summer.

Merck and Medtronic – which hold $33 and $37 Billion in assets respectively – posed for photographers with poise and grace. Analysts are watching the pair closely to see what’s next for Wall Street’s hottest couple.


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